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Logo Design Document

What would you like us to do for you?

Our quotes are based on the time it takes to design your website. More hours will give your website a more professional look, and more chances for your input during concept refinement. Less hours will allow for custom-design on a budget, with minimal input during concept refinement. Please consider your requirements, budget and expectations carefully. Then select the appropriate number of hours you would like us to spend designing your website.

A Model of "Pervasive Usability" in Website Design

  1. Requirements Analysis
    • Determine the goals for the website from the perspective of the user and the business.
    • Determine the user needs and target usability requirements.
    • Evaluate existing versions of the site.

  2. Conceptual Design
    • Sketch out a site design and architecture at an abstract level.

  3. Mockups / Prototypes /UI
    • Rapidly create visual representations (mockups) or interactive representations (prototypes) of the site. (3 options)
    • Evaluate usability through focus groups, user tests, and walkthroughs.
    • Use the evaluation results to create more mockups or improve the prototypes.
    • Repeat this process (design iteration) until the design and usability goals are met.

  4. Production
    • Create the final product.
    • Evaluate functionality through testing, quality assurance, usability testing, and field testing.
    • Use the evaluation results to improve the product.
    • Repeat these processes (production iteration) until the business goals are met.

  5. Launch and Maintenance
    • Launch the website.
    • Maintain and refine with user feedback.
    • Use the feedback to create new requirements, and begin major design improvements (system iteration).

Evaluation occurs at every stage of the process. Similar types of evaluation can occur at different stages of the design process to keep in mind the goals of the project and the users' needs. And if it comes down to a choice, reduce the scope of the project rather than the usability.

Important Considerations
Color/Logo (Company’s brand logo or color?) Domain registration/ Hosting space – by client or me
Budget Proofing
Number of pages Initial UI (provide with at least 2 designs)
Images (Client will provide or I need to get it?) Approve the design of home page and one inside page
Time Start designing the pages



(all prices in CAD - Canadian Dollars)

Do you require a new Logo or Branding?
A new logo and branding
This is for you if you don't already have a company brand. We will allocate additional hours to designing you a new logo and branding for your website.
New logo $200 - $1500
Branding $250
Outsourced images for branding
If you are not providing us with your own graphics or royalty free digital photos, then we will need to source some original photos from a photographer or commercial stock images directory. This fee is a guide only.
Website Design Time?
Professional website design
We will create a professionally designed custom template that will be applied to all pages on your website.
$50 per content page

Content Page

e.g. 5 page website $250 (just content)

$50 per page

Content and Graphics on the page

e.g. 5 page website $375 (content + Image on each page)

$75 per page
Web Address / Domain Names
Do you already have a web address/or would like a web address. Please specify.
Purchasing Domain registration and Hosting Space depends on the servers and companies.
Domain name registration $10 per yr
Hosting Space $5 per month
Can be less $60/$70 per yr

Then anything extra:

  • flash intro
  • video
  • edits
  • purchase of the domain/hosting

would be charged separately.



$200 - $1500
Corporate Identity $250
Label, Flyer $200
Magazine Cover $250
Whole Magazine  
Per page without images $100
Per page with images $200
Cover $250

Please also begin collecting the following information for us:

  • Examples of your branding, logo, business cards, brochures etc (preferably in electronic formats).
  • Your UDAI or password and username for your domain name.
  • Start writing your content into a word document or similar (any electronic format is acceptable).
  • Product photos onto a CD, in directories matching classification, or filenames matching product codes.
  • Email addresses of all key staff associated with your website, eg sales person for online ordering, support person for general enquiries and the email address of your accounts department.



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